Spare Parts & Repairs

Flutec's specialty is in custom cylinders designed for the world's mot rigorous applications. Our 24/7 repair team,with decades of experience,will quickly assess your cylinder performance and recommend the best solution for your specific applications.

An engineered solution to unique customer needs

Flutec uses world calss simulation tools,comprehensive 3D drawing capability,and finite element analysis which allows us to determine why a cylinder failed,predict future failure,and deliver hydraulic engineering solutions that result in identifying the root causes,not just fixing the worn or broken parts.

Global footprint, local service

Our certified service technicians are available anytime,anywhere. Our technicians are standing by prepared with helicopter and safety training,welding,crane and offshore certificates. With our 30 years of experince in cylinder repair,we understand the sense of urgency for crifical situations.

Raw material warehouse
Rod coating repairs

Quality Repair at any sizes

Flutec's expertise in repair covers everything from standard,tie rod cylinders to mill duty cylinders to extra large custom cylinders that span to bore sizes of 2500mm/100inches and stroke 20m/65ft.

Services range from onsite  seal repair and changeing out minor components to complete cylinder removal,repair and recoating.

Rod Coating Repair for any applications

Our service staff will recommend the right coating to provide the perfect balance of wear and corrosion resistance to meet your specific application need.

  • Hard chrome
  • Nickel chrome
  • Ceramic
  • HVOF
  • Laser clading

Our broad application expertise includes:

Motion compensation cylinders
Ram-Rig cylinders
Mooring cylinders
Crane cylinders
Dredging cylinders
Split Barge cylinders
A-frame cylinder
Moveable bridge cylinders
Turbine governor control cylinders
Press cylinders
Tilt and electric arc furance cylinders
Stacker reclaimer cylinders

Should you have any inquiry or repair request,                                 welcome to contact us!

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Marine Cylinder repair